We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution 

Teachers at the high school level may conduct a noncompetitive hearing, but are encouraged to participate in the nationwide competitive program. High school competition begins at the congressional district level with teams from each school vying for the district championship, which makes a class eligible to compete at the Washington State Competition.  The state championship class travels to Washington, D.C. in the spring to represent their state in the We the People national finals.  

2011 We the People Competition Results, Photographs and video

2010 We the People Competition Results, Photographs and video

2009 video

2008 press release

Project Citizen 

The Washington State Project Citizen Showcase is held in May every year for fifth through eighth grade students. To participate at the state showcase, a class must first participate in a congressional district showcase. The top performing class at each district showcase is then eligible to advance to the state showcase.

In the state showcase, the students are asked to present a portfolio consisting of four parts, identify a problem, examining alternative policies relating to the identified problem, propose a public policy to remedy the problem, and finally to develop an action plan to undertake to institute policies and procedures to solve the problem. The presentation consists of two part on which the student are graded by a number of judges consisting of lawyers, judges, legislators, and other people in public areas. The first part is the grading of the portfolio which is a four panel display with each panel addressing one four parts. The second portion of their mark is derived from the students verbally presenting their thoughts on each of the four parts, and the panel of judges asking them questions concerning their project.

The portfolio of the winner from the state is sent to the annual Project Citizen National Showcase. This culminating event is held in conjunction with the Legislative Summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures. State legislators, staff, and other adult volunteers from across the nation serve as evaluators, determining the level of achievement attained by each portfolio.

2010 Project Citizen Competition Results, Photographs and Video Link

If you are interested in participating, please contact your congressional district volunteer.